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The Petter Samuelsen School Of Music – Teaches Piano and Songwriting Combined with Publishing and Digital Record Label Distribution Worldwide.

The Petter Samuelsen School Of Music was established in 2004. Based on his own career and experiences in the music industry: RCA/Victor, MD Records, Polygram music publishing, Universal music publishing, EMI music publishing and the Piano Institute “Klaverinstituttet”.

Piano and keyboard lessons for students/songwriters of all ages, where pop, classical and improvisation are ingredients used to inspire and motivate the students to reach new levels of musical skills.

Different from many other learning situations, you will benefit from Petter’s broad experience as a pop/rock artist, songwriter and producer. He has played in several bands both live and in studio situations.


Music education is the most powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social, and creative potential.

Bach did not write any really easy keyboard music.


The Inventions and Sinfonias is a collection of short pieces Bach wrote for the musical education of his young pupils. These are among the finest examples of artistic gems ever written for this purpose, and probably because of this, they became very popular among Bach’s pupils and others ever since they were written.

These pieces belong, from the technical point of view, to many different Grades

In the grading system used in much of the world that first Invention comes in at Grade 4, and most students wouldn’t manage grade 4 in less than 5/6 years (and even then, that’s assuming they are practicing regularly and well). Most of the inventions are considered to be Grade 5 to 6.


Petter Samuelsen’s music are distributed to over 200 net-stores and worldwide.

As a songwriter he has among other had requests from Polygram and EMI Music Publishing to write songs for prominent international artists.


  • Former member of the Stavanger Cathedral Choir Motet. Also recorded an album with the choir and performed Bach’s Christmas Oratorio together with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

This is all valuable experience that you as a student will benefit from.

The lessons will today, mainly be exclusive in a one to one situation in Stavanger; Norway.

Send a note if you’d like more info on becoming a student here.


He had music theory and classical piano lessons at the Piano Institute “Klaverinstituttet”, an awareness-raising art school established by Arne Samuelsen, he was a former teacher at the Music Conservatory Veitvet in Oslo.

In addition to self-study in many years, both piano/theory, he also had music lessons at “Solborg Folkehøgskole” (at that time called “Musikklinjen ved Solborg Folkehøgskole”).

Also Privat lessons in chord theory and improvisation of Harry Larsen. (Jazz musician and teacher).


Pop Songwriting Formula, and theory in general

Pop Formel i Låtskriving og generell musikkteori

Sony / ATV and BMI represents many of Petter Samuelsen songs, including “Big City Life” (see example)



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