Quote from EMI Music Publishing songwriter profile of Petter Samuelsen:
“Petter Samuelsen wrote the 1st. single “Here for you” of the critically acclaimed album Music of the Night 1998 by Jan Werner Danielsen” (Universal Music).
The second single release from that album were “One Night In Bangkok” From Chess.

Recorded in Oslo and New York. Petter is also represented with “You took the rust off my dreams” and “Here for you” – Both songs taken from The Very Best Of Jan Werner 2010. Jan Werner wanted to sing “You took the rust off my dreams” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. (Jan Werner has sold over 1 million records.)

Some of the good company of songwriters on the album “Music of the Night” is:
Andrew Lloyd Webber/Charles Hart “Phantom of the Opera”.
Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim “West Side Story”.
Claude-Michel Schønberg/Alain Boublil, “Les Miserables”.
Benny Andersson/Bjørn Ulvaeus/Tim Rice, “One night in Bangkok”, Chess.

In October 2000 Universal – Norway was dedicated to collect song material lying in the soundscape between Bocelli and Lloyd Webber. Universal would try to utilise Jan Werner’s qualities to the fullest and create an internationally interesting album. Petter Samuelsen was requested new material for this album and received at the same time confirmation that the promo single “Here For You” from the album “Music of the Night” 1998 – would also be on this album. Universal believed Jan Werner had a voice quality with great potential abroad.

About Jan Werner Danielsen
In 1994, only 17 years old, Jan Werner Danielsen won a prestigious contest in Norway (shown on NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) called “Talentiaden”. Some of the highlights of his career was when he performed at the Nobel Peace Price Concert in 2003. Jan Werner also appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in London the same year, performing “Air” by Johann S. Bach.

He did the norwegian vocal dubbing of “He lives in you” (“Han bor i deg”) from the Lion King 2.

Jan Werner Danielsen To Front Queen?

From queenzone.com

Reports in scandanavian newspapers have suggested Norwegian singer Jan Werner Danielsen may front Queen. Jan Werner Danielsen is a norwegian singer who became known when he first performed in the Eurovision Song Contest some years ago, and has been a big singer in Norway after that. He has good vocals, and sings a lot of different kind of music.

Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper (www.dagbladet.no) reported the following: Jan Werner Danielsen can confirm that he might take on the responsibility of lead vocalist after Freddie Mercury, the 23 year old have been contacted by the people behind Queen.

www.Jetzet.com also reported that: I can confirm it has been talked about, but nothing is of now decided, Danielsen says thru his spokes person.


Other quotes, Written by EMI Music Publishing

  • “Today (1998), Petter is mainly a songwriter and composer of songs and scores for TV – and advertising. Petter’s songs are often quite complex, atmospheric and slightly moody – along the line of music from such artists as Peter Gabriel and Scritti Politti.”
  • “If you are interested in finding music with a little of your everyday Top 40 radio material, Petter is an exciting writer to check out – or even start collaborating with”.
  • Quotes after the release of the album “Songs 2001”, and especially regarding the song  “Everybody knows”:
    “I think this song is one of your outmost best songs. Cool mood during the verses, great hook-line and ditto sound. Great!” Stein G. Johnsen.
  • EMI Stockholm 2002: “I have just listened to the album, and I think most of the material are very well arranged and performed.” Mikael Agnepil.


A review/comment from Johnny Tennander, Stockholm 28.09.2006 on 5 piano tracks (which you’ll find on Petter’s album “In the Moment”). He is the Vice President of EMI Music publishing Europe today:
“I think it’s quality music and one can hear that you have put your soul and heart into the music, which is (unfortunately) not always true about music.”
“What we can do, is to aim it towards a film purpose, and for that we have dedicated departments in each office around the world, and a special movie-division in Hollywood.”
“We and I, will do our very best!”

After receiving and listening to the DVD “Art Music Moments” he commented;
“I have here the DVD and have watched and listened to it. It looks and sounds great. Thanks.
All the best for the time to come!”

Regards, Johnny
A&R Director Scandinavia
EMI Music Publishing
Today Vice President Europe



  • Video music to “Bergen Group”, shown at OTC oil exhibition –  Houston, Texas.
  • “Kjell Pahr-Iversen at work in his studio”, the accompanying music is composed and performed by Petter Samuelsen. The film is produced by Film & Foto Design, Stavanger 2003.
  • CD “In The Moment” May 2010 presented at Kjell Pahr-Iversen exhibition in Gremillion & Co. Fine Art. Inc. Houston, Texas.



A publisher contract was signed with Polygram (1994). Requests from Polygram publishing to write songs for (among others) Tina Turner, Celin Dion and Whitney Houston. Requests from EMI Music Publishing to write songs for e.g. Cliff Richard, (EMI UK) – Christina Aguilera, (RCA US),-  Jennifer Lopez, (Sony US).



Polygram’s slogan goes like this:

Petter Samuelsen attended a Polygram Songwriter seminar in 1996. Some of the other (Norwegian) songwriters attending were:

  • Rolf Løvland (Secret Garden)
  • Dag Kolsrud (A-ha’s world tour musical director)
  • David Eriksen (Producer)
  • Stein Berge Svendsen (Producer of Jan Werner “Music of the night”)
  • Jo Nesbø
  • Torstein Flakne from the Norwegian band “Stage Dolls”
  • Tom Pacheco
  • Martin Hagfors
  • Freddy Holm
  • Ben Lorentzen

Record companies attending the seminar were, Sony Music, Polydor, EMI and Mercury. + Mobile studio with Eivind Skovdahl, also known in cooperation with A-ha.

Quotes from Polygram slogans mentioned in this seminar:

  • “You can’t earn a living as a songwriter unless your songs are being recorded… The more times your songs are recorded – the more money you’ll make!”
  • “Unless your name is written in gold, or your song is performed by one of the universal superstars… – You’ve got less than 60 seconds to prove your song is a hit, and another three minutes to make the audience want to hear it again!

Cliff Richard
In addition to sending songs to Polygram Music Publishing UK, in connection with a request to the great artists of the 90th century, was also Cliff Richard personally handed the song “When The Party’s Over” in the concert hall when he visited Stavanger November 21, 2002. This was at the request and in collaboration with organizers and management.

The song was released in 2010 on Petter’s album “Take a look at your life”.

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