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Dag Kolsrud, (featured on A-ha’s “Hunting High and Low tour” as their keyboardist) representing MD Records once said to the Norwegian magazine “NÅ” (1991), “Petter Samuelsen can, with the right kind of marketing, be really big in the music business”. The goal of MD Records was to scout for upcoming talents in Norway and to help them break into markets abroad. In a radio interview he once pronounced that “Petter Samuelsen sparks of identity and we’re gonna take his music abroad”.

This lead to a record deal for Petter Samuelsen with MD Records – for two albums with the option of another two (total of four).

Kolsrud established the band “One 2 Many” that achieved to become no. 37 on the Billboard hot 100 with the song “Downtown”.


Some of the most prominent Norwegian musicians participates on Petter Samuelsen’s albums.

Eivind Aarset, Guitar
Svein Dag Hauge, Guitar
Trond Holter, Guitar
Anders Bru, Guitar
Kjetil Saunes, Bass
Ole Petter Hansen, Drums
Paolo Vinaccia, Percussion
Cikada String Quartet. (The Norwegian ensemble Cikada is widely regarded as one of the finest and most important at large on the contemporary music scene today).
Gaute Storaas (String arrangements to the song “Girl is a Woman” for Cikada String Quartet)
Morten Halle, Sax
Håkon Iversen
Hans O. Solli
Christine Meyer
Petter Samuelsen

Many of the tracks are related to Universal Music Publishing and EMI Music Publishing today.

Two local musicians contributes on some of the tracks on the album “In The Moment”:
Inge Enoksen, Keyboards.
Tor Inge Haga, Bass guitar.


Band constellations items. “Ara Pacis”, “Wasaband”, “Ellis”, record deal with RCA/Victor and Bandage.
Two record contracts RCA/Victor – MD Records. (Music Development Records)



Norwegian folk tales, a production of 3.
1. Sandvik Bokforlag, cassette
2. Bokklubbens Barn  1994, cassette
3. CD production for Freia’s 100 year anniversary – 1998





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TV/Radio/Film Reklame
John Christian Rosenlund – Film
TV 2
TV Vest Reklame
TV Vest “Lakseeventyr i Rogaland” 6 episoder
TV Vest “Nordsjøveien” 8 episoder
Radio Nettverk’s nyhets- og reklame lydvignetter rikssendiger
Nordisk Videoproduksjon
Bang & Olufsen
Braathens SAFE
Se & Hør
Freia’s 100 år jubileum
Norske Bokklubbens Barn
Sandvik Bokforlag




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